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Services Offered

One on One Personal Training

A private 55 minute session on location. Great for people who are shy, need extra attention to movement mechanics or just want personal time.

Semi-private Personal Training

Small group of 2-4 people for a 55 minute session. If you like working with others and competing this is a great setting for such a thing.

Weight Training Program (*Online)

A customized training regiment based on your goals and current fitness levels. The program is edited weekly to make adjustmenst based on feedback. This program you carry out on your schedule so it gives you flexibility. All exercises and how to check proper form are provided through hyperlink on program sheet.

Weight Training Program

Nutrition Program (*Online)

A customized nutrition program based on goals. Macros are adjusted on a needed basis and dependent on feedback and results. A basic start guide to Macros is given with this purchase!

Nutrition Program

Online Training and Nutrition Program

A combo pack of weight training, and nutrition programs with frequent email support. Gives you the flexibility to carry out the program on your timeline. The programs are consistently adjusted based on needs and goals.

Online Training and Nutrition Program

Hybrid Training

A combo between 1 on one personal training and online training. Great for individuals who are starting out and need extra help on movement mechanics, but have a tight schedule. Also to those experienced lifters who want to make sure they are doing certin things correct.