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If you are new to lifting or injury prone, give these tests a try.
They are intended to test your mobility and mechanics to see if it's a good idea to start increasing volume.

Example of a Workout Program

Warm up
Choose 2-3 upper body warm up exercises Example: 
Choose 3-4 lower/total body warm up exercises Example:
Lunge to instep with rotation
Choose 1 Speed/Acceleration drill Example:
Marching in place
Work Out

1a) Back squats

1b) Lat pulldowns

5x5 (5 sets by 5 repetitions)


2a) Lunge with Barbell

2b) Pull ups

3x6 each


3a) Leg extensions

3b) Pillar bridge lateral


3x45 seconds

The above program is an idea of what a workout should consist of. Keep in mind this is an example, and the actual document to view your program is more detailed and personalized just for YOU. 

You can select the underlined sections to give you the basics of the mechanics and what to look out for. Enjoy!

Follow the YouTube link below to view an extensive movement library and education video.